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The Trailsman: Six Gun Scholar

Premise: Skye Fargo, an essentially honorable western pioneer more comfortable in the wilds than the cities, gets into adult-oriented western adventures approximately twice a month

Story:  Skye Fargo, taking some time off in San Antonio, espies some ruffians planning to attack a young woman near the Alamo one night.  He defends her successfully, but the ruffians get away.  Turns out that she is a young schoolteacher, travelling from Philadelphia to the town of Bandera to take up a teaching post.  Fargo decides to accompany her there, to protect her if need be.   It eventually develops that, although the majority of citizens are looking forward to having a school, one town father is opposed.  Skye has his hands full defending the schoolteacher, and her school, from various and assorted attacks, and trying to find out, definitively, who is behind these attacks.


  • Appealing characters:  I've never read any books in this series before, but Skye Fargo came across as an honorable and decent person who stands up for those who are vulnerable.
  • Although there are no profound character studies, most of the characters eventually reveal greater complexity than their initial appearance, including one character who initially appears to be a complete villain.
  • Very good pace -- the story never lagged.
  • Two "twists" -- there are plot developments which, although set-up sufficiently to be organic to the story still came as a surprise.
  • The action sequences are well handled.  I was able to follow who was doing what, when, and why.
  • Well, it is an adult western -- you have to expect one or two almost entirely gratuitous sex scenes.  However, even at that, they don't seriously impede the momentum of the story, and arise more or less organically out of the characters and their situation.

Assessment:  This isn't any great work of literature.  Your worldview will not be influenced, you will experience no great epiphanies.  But -- if what you are looking for is some rousing good storytelling that will provide some nice escapism, and won't insult your intelligence, this book fills the bill.  This is the first "Trailsman" book I've read.  I'm planning to read more.

Conclusion:  Recommended.

Tags: adult western, james reasoner, jon sharpe, skye fargo, trailsman

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