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"Sorry, Wrong Dimension" by Ross Rocklynne - Pulpfan

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July 15th, 2013

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01:57 pm - "Sorry, Wrong Dimension" by Ross Rocklynne

Story:  The story takes place in 1954, and involves a typical housewife, her infant, a girlfriend, Mabel, who pays a call during the day .... and the infants pet, invisible, ...... monster.

The first-person narrator tries to call for assistance, but gets an operator who tells her "sorry, wrong dimension" (hence the title). She and Mabel try to step open the door and find that they can't step outside.  She tries to call for assistance but {spoiler warning:  highlight following at your peril!}: she somehow get connected with a cheap hood and his partner, who invade her house, knock her out, and steal the infant's pet monster.

When she recovers, she calls again and insists on being connected to the dimensional police.

Will the police be able to intervene effectively, and return the "monster", to whom the infant has developed an attachment?


  • This is an entertaining short story from the 50s which, 60-some years on, inadvertently gives some insight into the mentality of the day:  how commonplace it was for women to be housebound while their husbands work

  • It has a good pace, and a wry sense of humor.  The first-person narrator is fond of detective stories and used 50s-style hardboiled slang to get her way, creating a humorous contrast to the way that she speaks ordinarily throughout the rest of the story.

  • It is a light, amusing, romp.


Its never really explained how her apartment has ended up in another dimension, nor how she is able to contact the first group of inter-dimensional beings who pay her a visit


Yes, there are one or two plot holes, but I only became aware of them after I read the story -- the humorous tone and breezy pacing kept me turning the pages.  That said, this isn't meant to be a story to contemplate; its meant to be enjoyed!


In the mood for a light, breezy romp?  Then I recommend this:  I enjoyed it a good deal.  Now .... if only I could find some other stories by this author!

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